Printed Locally, Worn Globally

We’re a tight-knit group of people who are driven to make quality custom t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and more that feature the compelling messages and beautiful designs of our treasured customers. We love putting new things out into the world.

When we started Fishtail Print Company in 2018, we realized that a t-shirt, believe it or not, can be an extraordinarily powerful messaging medium. The message, whether it’s friendly, funny, emotionally moving or anything in between, is one that matters. The shirts we made then, and continue to make now, serve as vehicles to connect, challenge and inspire, no matter what the message might be.

For companies: Connect your employees and customers alike with company apparel they can wear with a sense of pride and belonging.

For non-profits: Whether for a church or another mission-driven organization, mobilize your movement with t-shirts people will love.

For fundraisers: We've started a new service called Fishtail Fundraiser Stores. When you create a store with us you are creating an opportunity to have a direct connection with your customers to be able to sell your merch, without any financial burden (because it's free to start!). We're now offering fundraiser apparel stores for small businesses, non-profits, sports teams, church groups, and anyone else looking to raise money! These stores can be open for a 3-week period or all-year round depending on what you'd like.

For clothing brands: We help individuals get their passion projects off the ground. Have a brand idea in your head? We'll help you bring it to life.

For schools: All schools need Spirit Wear. From sports teams to clubs, we can provide you with quality t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, stickers, and more so you can represent your favorite school.

For you: We're here to support and equip you to get your message into the world. Get in touch! Our team can't wait to meet you.